Martin Brunner is composer, pianist and keyboardist based in Prague, Czech Republic. He released five studio albums as a leader. Each of these albums consist original music written by Brunner and are very diverse musical projects – piano trio, septet with the string quartet, jazz-rock music or vocal songs with symphonic orchestra. Brunner also regularly composes classics chamber music. As a piano and keyboard player he collaborates with the most significant musicians at the Czech jazz scene. He ranks among distinctive composers of his generation and he is a member of “The Prague Six”, the informal group of composers who regularly write music for Czech award winning jazz big band Concept Art Orchestra.

Markéta Foukalová & Martin Brunner

Markéta Foukalová & Martin Brunner
The new album of singer Markéta Foukalová and pianist Martin Brunner (Svou chvíli – “A While of One’s Own”) features a live recording of a performance that took place on 10 February 2022 in the DOX+ in Prague. The project, entitled “Jazz Poetry”, included a world premiere of Brunner’s cycle based on poems by Věra Koubová, commissioned by the Prague Symphony Orchestra that also accompanied the performance under the baton of Marko Ivanović. Alongside the two protagonists, the performance featured Vít Křišťan on Fender Rhodes.The present recording is the second live recording of a performance within the concert cycle New Horizons, which combines jazz and symphonic music, released from Animal Music in collaboration with the Czech Radio.
  • Markéta Foukalová – vocal
  • Vít Křišťan – Fender Rhodes
  • Martin Brunner – piano
  • Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Marko Ivanović

Martin Brunner Band#

Martin Brunner Quartet

The band comprising significant musicians at the Czech music scene: Tomáš Fuchs (known for his work with Jana Kirschner), Rasťo Uhrík (Vertigo, Lanugo), Roman Vícha (Muff, Ewa Farna). Repertoire of the band is composed by Martin Brunner, but each of the musicians participate the same on the final form of the songs and sound in general. New album called “Levels of Life” was released on acclaimed label Animal Music in 2019. Although the music is still based on jazz music you can hear rock influences in the band sound. These are represented by the interchangeable guitar played by Tomáš Fuchs, bassguitar by Rastislav Uhrík and drums by Roman Vícha. Martin Brunner plays the piano as well as the analog synthesizers Prophet.

  • Tomáš Fuchs — guitar
  • Martin Brunner — piano & keyboards
  • Rastislav Uhrík — bass guitar
  • Roman Vícha — drumms

Martin Brunner Trio & Epoque Quartet#

Martin Brunner & Epoque Quartet performing at JazzFest Brno

An extraordinary project by Martin Brunner is fusion of the jazz piano trio and string quartet. It’s the cycle of pieces composed just for this particular ensemble. The idea was to create music in which the string quartet wouldn’t have an accompanying role, but all music instruments would have the same importance. The compositions were inspired by modern jazz as well as classical music. The CD Morning Walks was released in December 2013 on acclaimed Czech label Animal Music and the music was performed live at the most important jazz festivals in Czech Republic.

  • David Pokorný – first violin
  • Vladimír Klánský – second violin
  • Vladimír Kroupa – viola
  • Vít Petrášek – violoncello
  • Martin Brunner – piano
  • Rastislav Uhrík – doublebass
  • Tomáš Hobzek – drums

Martin Brunner Trio#

Pianist & composer Martin Brunner

The long-term past band led by Martin Brunner. The trio recorded two studio albums of original music – “Behind the Clouds” (2009), “Still Warm to Touch” (2012). Live album “Live at the Prague Castle” was also released in 2011. The band has played a great many concerts at festivals in the Czech Republic as well as in the famous Prague jazz clubs during the years of its existence.

  • Martin Brunner – piano
  • Rastislav Uhrík – doublebass
  • Tomáš Hobzek – drums

The Prague Six#

The Prague Six — a group of composers

Martin Brunner is member of the group of composers called Prague Six, who are focused on composing for the progressive jazz orchestra Concept Art Orchestra. Compositions are regularly performed at the series of concerts and three major projects were created. Three of them were recorded and released on CD – “The Prague Six” (2015), “Vánoce dospělých” (2018) and 100 years (2020). The third one is a special suite composed on the occasion of 100 years anniversary of foundation of the Czech Republic.

The last composition to date for CAO by Martin Brunner is the suite “The Land and People”. One of its part – “Islanders” can be heard as a music video directed by Anežka Horová.

Members: Štěpánka Balcarová, Martin Brunner, Jan Jirucha, Vít Křišťan, Luboš Soukup a Tomáš Sýkora

Classical compositions#

Pianist & composer Martin Brunner

Martin Brunner also occasionally compose music for di.erent genres, especially classical chamber music:

  • Duo Teres (violin, guitar) – composition “Quiet Talk” (Part I, II) for their programme Prague Kaleidoscope and two sonnets by William Shakespeare for their cycle of songs composed by various composers. Compositions were recorded on two CD’s by Duo Teres.
  • Trio Clavio (clarinet, violin, piano) – composition “Like Children” (Part I, II, III). CD comprised of traditional classical music (Igor Stravinskij, Béla Bartók) as well as newly composed material (Sylvie Bodorová, Juraj Filas, Luká. Hurník, Martin Brunner) was released in 2018.
  • Duo Siempre Nuevo & Epoque Quartet (guitar duo and string quartet) – composition “4 + 2” (Part I, II)
  • Music for melodramatic performance by Eli.ka Balabánová and Anna Císa.ovská (guitar, recitation) (kytara, přednes) — “5 (Z)kus.” based on texts by Eva Turnová.

Vladimíra Krčková & Martin Brunner#

Vladimíra Krčková & Martin Brunner

Collaboration with singer Vladimíra Krčková in 2013 resulted in original cycle of compositions and songs composed by Martin Brunner with lyrics by Vladimíra Krčková. Music was presented on several concert performances.


Pianist & composer Martin Brunner

Martin Brunner occasionally plays the piano or keyboards in various bands and with various musicians, e.g. Jiří Šimek Electric Madness Band, Klara & the Pop, Beata Hlavenková, Lenka Dusilová, James Harries.